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Thank you for coming to check out my website.

My name is Mando CT and I have been trading full time crypto since 2016.

My background was in the traditional financial market for 15 years and trading various markets pre crypto.

Crypto changed my life once I fell down the rabbit hole and discovered blockchain. For me it’s not just about making life changing gains but it’s about the crypto community and researching low market cap gems.

I am blessed to have one of the best communities on Twitter and privileged to have so much support and loyalty from my followers.

I work with some projects and help with marketing strategies and advisory roles helping streamline campaigns.

This market is extremely risky and volatile so you have to invest very carefully whilst diversifying and make sure you never overexpose yourself.

I have had so much success over the years all documented on Twitter which is the reason for my large following.

Whatever I post about is definitely not financial advice but it’s just what I am doing at that time after my extensive research with my team.

It would be great in a perfect world for us all to make it but unfortunately this market is cruel sometimes and especially if you don’t take profits along the way. It’s an exchange of wealth between the greedy and patient.

My skills and success in this market have been recognised and I have been interviewed by some of the biggest media outlets in the world, Forbes etc with the links provided on this website.

Best of luck with your crypto journey and if you would like to say hello then send me a DM on telegram.

I am very proud to be part of the Metaverse in Bloktopia !

Come and visit me in my virtual office and see my crypto gem calls live.

​Remember that I am not a financial adviser and none of my calls are financial advice, my tweets are what I am investing into myself and I like to share my ideas for entertainment purposes only.

The crypto market is like the “Wild West” in many respects with scammers/rugs and extremely volatile swings of the coins. If you decide you want to invest in the crypto market then I would say this, be very careful and don’t ever overexpose yourself.

If you want to contact me for business opportunities or just to say hi then feel free on telegram. Mando_CT

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Mando CT