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I would also like to thank with open arms all my followers on Twitter who have made this journey for me possible so far.


Let me tell you how it all began.

Covid – 19 lockdown changed the world and everyone living on it, humans are social creatures and enjoy interacting with others but the pandemic changed this for what seemed like a lifetime.

I have been invested in crypto since 2016 with a huge amount of success stories but I have also been rugged a couple of times which wasn’t nice in the early days.

When the lockdown first started,

like everyone else I was at home with my family and started playing the PlayStation again and checking my HODL bags and charts a few times a day. After a while I started trading again and setup an account on crypto Twitter (CT) posting for fun about my ideas and the research I had carried under the alias (Mando)


I am very careful over what I invest in so there is a lot of due diligence and research before I buy into new projects.

I am very proud to be part of the Metaverse in Bloktopia !

Come and visit me in my virtual office and see my crypto gem calls live.

I found posting my ideas on CT extremely therapeutic and relaxing and started gathering a following really fast. I now have a huge following of fantastic individuals from all over the world. I have clothing companies now wanting to do clothing lines for my brand @XMaximist and CEOs from projects reaching out thanking me for providing solid information to investors. I have countless followers sending me DMs daily telling me I have changed there lives with my upbeats enthusiastic tweets and calls.

I don’t ask anything for the Alpha I provide, I just want people to enjoy the journey with me and hopefully I can add value to that journey in some capacity. I have 15 years trading experience in other markets and nearly 6 years in crypto. I am a member of a few whale groups in telegram but my main one is “Little Dogs” this is a fantastic closed group (Members Only) of extremely intelligent minds. We have fun but we also spend time researching projects before we invest to make sure we are all protected.

Sometimes I might get a little over excited and add rockets 🚀 on the 15m chart screenshots coz it looks more dramatic haha! Ultimately I post all day coz my followers enjoy it and I enjoy helping people.

​Remember that I am not a financial adviser and none of my calls are financial advice, my tweets are what I am investing into myself and I like to share my ideas for entertainment purposes only.

The crypto market is like the “Wild West” in many respects with scammers/rugs and extremely volatile swings of the coins. If you decide you want to invest in the crypto market then I would say this, be very careful and don’t ever overexpose yourself.

If you want to contact me for business opportunities or just to say hi then feel free on telegram. Mando_CT

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Mando CT